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Are you thinking about creating a presence for your company or organization on the Web?
Do you already have a Web presence that isn't producing the results you had hoped for?

A successful Web presence requires a savvy understanding of interactive design structure and telecommunications business and marketing methodolgy that is not found in many Web-presence design companies comprised of young computer "techies."

ACCESS PRESTO!sm Online Services partners with you to make your site more than just a "vanity" site. (An online version of a print brochure.)

We collaborate with you to create a Web presentation that will enhance your business functionality and also serve as an effective online marketing tool.nbsp;

ACCESS PRESTO!sm Online Services is an online media marketing and communications firm headed by a team with years of entrepreneurial experience and national recognition as founding specialists in the online and telecommunications industry. We conceptualize, design, and develop electronic media services to enhance our clients' and partners' traditional business methodologies and offerings.

We are proud to introduce the highly effective process by which we conceptualize and develop Internet Sites and Online Services. PRESTO! looks at the profit potential. We analyze a client's situation to determine how "the Net" and/or an "intranet" can be made into a profit center for you.

An electronic presence on "the Net" coupled with Private Access Service brings benefits to those who want to take advantage of opportunities to do business in "real time" at lower costs. We typically recommend a phased approach to implementing our clients' online program.

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