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  because it will have a little arrow in the lower left corner of the icon pointing toward the upper right corner of the icon.

2.5.  The first time you start up C.P.M. you will need to set the PREFERENCES.  Later on you may want to modify some of the settings, but this first time is them only time it is required.

2.5.1.  Start C.P.M. by DOUBLE CLICKing on the desktop alias icon or by DOUBLE CLICKing on the C.P.M..exe file in the C.P.M. folder (directory) on the harddrive.

2.5.2.  Go to the EDIT popdown menu and SELECT: PREFERENCES. You will get a popup window with a row of tabs across the top with the names of all the various areas for which you can set operating environment settings.  Click on the tab for each area you need to set to bring the approriate “menu” window forward and make it active. Under DISPLAY: Put a check in the box for using the scroll bar in the drawing window. Do not check the on screen menu or the maximize on start_up boxes The number of lines in the docked command window should be 3. 400 lines of text in the command window should be plenty for your use. Find the button toward the bottom right of the dialogue box for COLOR.  Click it and select the LIGHT GREY for your background color.  Close the dialogue box. Don't bother to mess around with the FONTS___ this will not apply to C.P.M.. Under GENERAL: Make sure the AUTOMATIC SAVE box is checked and set to time increment to 15.
(Years of experience indicates that saving every 15 minutes is the maximum amount of time you want between "back up" saves.) Check the make backup copy of each save box. Check the Save Thumbnail Preview box. The other boxes should be not checked and take the