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  default for the other blanks. You don't need to do anything with the rest of the settings to get started.

2.6. Under the OPTIONS menu is the UNITS command.  CLICK on UNITS and a popup window will appear and you will see a list of the measuring unit options.  We recommend using the Fractional option since this will display the dimensions in the format most commonly used in pattern making.  Even if you SELECT the Fractional units, you can still TYPE measurements into the program using decimal inch fractions, feet and inches as in the Architectural format as well as in inches and English style fractions.

2.6.1. Next you will need to choose the smallest size fraction you want to “display”.  For pattern making 1/16" is usually the smallest fraction we aim to be acurate to.  TYPE in the number 16 and TYPE the ENTER key.

If you have chosen Decimals, 2 digits to the right of the decimal point should be sufficient.  TYPE the number 2 and TYPE the ENTER key.

2.6.2. The next choice is what type of units you want to measure degrees in. Choose what you are most familiar with. Decimal degrees are probably the most common format. If you choose this format, TYPE in the number 1 and TYPE the ENTER key.  You will also be asked the number of degree fractions you want displayed.  3 is more than enough for pattern making purposes.  Type in the number 3 and TYPE the ENTER key.

2.6.2. Next will be the direction you want your angles measured in.  The default direction starts with 0B at the east or 3 o’clock position.  Most computer programs that deal with measuring angles default to this mode. Unless you have a very strong reason for measuring angles in a different format you should use this default. TYPE the ENTER key to accept the default setting. Next you will be asked what direction you want to measure the angles in.  It will ask you if you want to measure clockwise.  Most computers that deal with measuring angles default to counter clockwise. It is wise to stay with this mode unless you have a very strong reason to measure clockwise. Future use of C.P.M. will include building costumes in Virtual Reality and it is wise to put your mind into the right framework from the beginning. TYPE the letter N (for no) and TYPE the ENTER key.

2.6.3.  You have finished setting your UNITS.  Close the pop-up window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the window frame.