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      3.1.  NEVER set a floppy disk or a ZIP disk down on a piece of electical equipment or near any thing that may have any sort of magnetizem around it.  (This means computer monitors, scanners, printers, computer CPU’s, radios, TV’s, microwave ovens, CD players, VCRs, sewing machines, irons, mageitized scissors, pins, pin holders.

3.2.  NEVER have anything containing a liquid sitting near the computer equipment or were floppy or ZIP disks are sitting.  Do not drink anything or eat anything that can spill or fall into your computer work space or surfaces where the floppy disks or ZIP disks might be sitting. When you do drink or eat something while working at the computer make sure you are leaning back away from the desktop area.

3.3.  If you are transporting a floppy disk or ZIP disk in a bag, purse or whatever, put it in a zip-lock plastic bag and make sure the “zip” is zipped tight.  Better yet, if you can, get a Mylar bag to transport them in. This will protect them from being accidentally zapped by static electricity in your environment. (Sorry, spraying them with Cling-Free is out of the question.    :-)

3.4.  DO NOT, as a “nervous” habit, sit and flip the “gate cover” of a floppy disk. A speck of dust, dirt or liquid can corrupt the disk.