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  would on a typewriter, and retype. If you have ENTERed a wrong command, UNDO.
    You can CANCEL any command at any time, after it has been engaged, by typing the ESCape key. You can CANCEL any command that contains a sequence of steps by typing the ESCape key at any time during a sequence of steps.


    If you have performed a command and are unhappy with the results, you can UNDO the whole operation by SELECTing UNDO under the EDIT menu.  The image will disappear from the screen and the image you had previous to performing that command will reappear on the screen.  
    C.P.M. retains all the commands you have performed during a work session in sequence in its memory for the duration of a work session.  If you decide that you are not happy with the results of a sequence of steps you have taken in the patterning process, you may UNDO them until you are back at a satisfactory place in your process.  C.P.M. will only UNDO commands in the same order that they were executed in during the work session.  It will UNDO commands all the way back to the original command that began your work session.  
    You may run into a problem if you have previously used UNDO because you may get stuck in an endless loop of UNDOing your UNDO.

11. REDO (also under the EDIT menu) lets you go back one command step  if you discover you have gone to far with UNDO, but only one step.  

    When you QUIT a drawing, you loose all the sequence memory for the work session.

12. ZOOM

    At various times during your patterning process you may need to see sections of pattern enlarged on the screen in order to be sure of accurate placement.  The ZOOM command allows you to do this by ZOOMing in and out like a camera lens.  ZOOM is found under the VIEW menu.  The menu provides you with all the ZOOM function options that you will need for pattern making.

12.1.  ZOOM WINDOW allows you to select the part of the drawing you want to ZOOM in on  with a WINDOW.

12.1.2.  After you select ZOOM WINDOW the computer will now ask at the bottom of the screen:
            first corner:

12.1.3.  Picture in your mind a rectangular box that just fits around the section of the pattern piece you want to view as a larger image.  Place the CROSS-HAIRS on the screen where one of the corners of that WINDOW would be and click the SELECT button on the cursor device.  The computer will now ask: