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12.1.4.   Now move the CROSS-HAIRS diagonally across the pattern piece to the corner diagonally opposite from the corner you have just selected.  You will see the growing white rectangular "frame" line form on the screen as you move the CROSS-HAIRS.

12.1.5.  Once the "frame" completely surrounds the pattern piece, click the SELECT button.
(The screen will blink and then the part of the drawing you have chosen will fill the screen.  If the rectangle you have drawn is horizontally longer, the width of the "zoomed-in" image will be the width boundaries of the drawn WINDOW; if the rectangle is vertically longer, the height of the "zoomed-in" image will be the height boundaries of the drawn WINDOW).

12.2. ZOOM PREVIOUS will return to the screen image immediately previous.   You may back up through a sequence of ZOOM images until you reach the original image you started your work session with, if you want to, by SELECTing ZOOM PREVIOUS repeatedly or TYPEing ENTER (to repeat the command). C.P.M. stores all PREVIOUS ZOOM information in its memory for the duration of a work session.

12.3. ZOOM ALL causes the viewing screen to ZOOM to display every element in the drawing  is inside the viewing area of the monitor.  One common use for ZOOM ALL is to find “lost” drawing pieces. On occasions a drawing or an editing function error will result in a piece of the drawing to “disappear”.  Your change may be in an area “off the screen”. ZOOM ALL will cause every piece of drawing to be framed in the on-screen window so you can “find” the “missing” piece.

12.4. ZOOM EXTENTS frames the full pattern image in the on-screen window.  This makes it idea for quickly returning to a full pattern image from any ZOOMed image.

NOTE:  ZOOM EXTENTS is actually ZOOMing to the drawing page extents.  The C.P.M. templates have their drawing page extents defined as the border of the drawing page.  If you make your own templates, keep this in mind. If you want to have ZOOM EXTENTS just frame your drawing page, you need to make your DRAWING LIMITS be the same as the size of the drawing page you have created.

12.5.   2.5X, 3X, 6X, and 12X each activate ZOOMs that magnify by the number's power.  (example: 3 times as large, 6 times as large etc.)  Where ever you CLICK the CROSS-HAIRS will become the center of the screen in the ZOOMed image.   2.5X will just frame a bodice block on a 14" monitor.

13.  The WINDOW utility function is used often as a selection tool  with many different commands. We have just described the process of making a WINDOW in Section 12.1.

13.1.  Any time that a command expects you to SELECT an object, in addition to using