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      SELECT PAN from the VIEW pop-down menu.  You will see a fly-out menu that gives you two command choices: REALTIME and POINT.

14.1.  The REALTIME PAN command  turns the cursor into a little hand.  CLICK SELECT (the left mouse button) and the hand will grab hold of the drawing. Where ever you move the cursor, the drawing will move with it.  When the drawing is positioned in the screen where you want it, let up the mouse button. To end the command CLICK the ENTER (the right mouse button) and pop-up the little PAN menu window. CLICK on EXIT. You can also end the command by TYPEing the ESCape key.

14.2. The POINT PAN command  will move a chosen point on the page to a new chosen point on the page.

The computer will say:
        ‘_-pan displacement:
Point anywhere on the screen with the CROSS-HAIRS and click SELECT.  The computer will then say:
        ‘_-pan displacement: second point:

Point to the place you would like the original point you SELECTed to next appear on the screen and click SELECT.  The screen will blink and the drawing will REGENerate moved across the screen the amount of distance and in the direction that you moved the CROSS-HAIRS.        

15. REGENerate , under the VIEW menu, is a command that you will use often.

15.1.  Many of the C.P.M. commands cause a "SLIDE" to appear on the screen at the beginning of their operation.  Usually, as part of the command operation, the "SLIDE" will eventually disappear from the screen during the execution of the command.  There are some circumstances when the "SLIDE" may stay on the screen.  REGENerate will remove the "SLIDE".

15.2.  ECHO ON and ECHO OFF  are two commands found on the OPTIONS menu. The ECHO function is a useful aid designed into the AutoCAD® program. When ECHO is ON, the drawing keeps a little X at each vertex point that you create or SELECT during a work session. This allows you to go back to the exact same locations if you need to during later steps in your work session.  When you ERASE lines or objects in a drawing, little marks will be left behind on the screen where the vertexes (end-points) of the lines were.  If you do not need these reference points they can become very distracting. To clear these marks off the screen use the REGENerate command.

Turn ECHO OFF if you know that you do not need this drawing aid while you are working.  The C.P.M. drawing templates are set up with the default setting of ECHO OFF.

15.3.   C.P.M. draws circular curves and arcs in a short-cut method, with faceted lines.