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  that C.P.M. automatically renames the Template to Drawing.dwg. You can see from this that it is important that you immediately give your new drawing a unique name before you start working.

18.3.  The first thing you need to do is SAVE AS and give the drawing page the name of your new pattern.  This sets up the AUTOMATIC SAVE so it saves to the correct drawing file.  C.P.M. automatically brings up the SAVE AS pop-up menu window if you SELECT the SAVE command when you have a Drawing.dwg open on the screen. This is one of the “fail safe” features of C.P.M...

18.4.  The SAVE and the SAVE AS  commands are found under the FILE pop-down menu.

18.4.1.  The SAVE command will SAVE the current drawing on your screen at the current state it is in.  You will not see any thing happen visibly on the screen when it is SAVEd.  Because you get no ALERT WINDOWS with the SAVE command it is important to “fail safe” yourself by doing a SAVE AS at the beginning of your worksession.

18.4.2.   SELECT SAVE AS from the FILE pop-down menu. The Save Drawing As pop-up menu window will open. It provides you with the options of selecting the correct folder (directory) to SAVE to, naming your drawing file, and SELECTing the file format to save it in. There is an additional Alert Window that pops up if there is already a drawing by the name you are SAVEing as a “fail safe” feature to make sure you don’t accidently over write a pre-existing file.  

18.4.3.  You will see the 4 folders (directories) that come with C.P.M. listed in the window. SAVE your drawing to the PATTERNs folder. Double click on the PATTERNS folder to open it.  TYPE the name of your new pattern drawing in at the File Name: window. Be careful to keep the .dwg suffix.

18.4.4.  You will notice, if you pop-down the Save as type: list that you have the option of SAVEing as an AutoCAD R14, R13, R12 formatted file or as a template.  Unless you plan to have a need to open your pattern drawings in one of the older  versions of AutoCAD, use the default AutoCADR14 format.