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18.4.5.  If you have previously SAVEd a drawing with this name, the computer will pop-up another menu window telling you that there is already a drawing by this name, and asking you if you want to replace it with this new drawing.
    If you making a new version of an old drawing, CLICK Yes, the computer will do the SAVE and replace the previous version of the drawing. Both Save Drawing As pop-up menu windows will close automatically.
    If you are making a new drawing CLICK No and the little window will close.  TYPE a different drawing name into the File name: window and CLICK SAVE. The drawing will SAVE using the new name. The Save Drawing As pop-up window will automatically close.

NOTE:   C.P.M. automatically knows that you are working with .DWG files.  The first time you SAVE a new file, the .dwg tag will already be in the File Name: window. When you TYPE in the name of your new drawing be careful to keep the .dwg suffix.

18.5.  The very next thing to do is also save that new drawing file to a floppy disk.  

18.5.1.   Any time you SAVE a drawing (pattern) to a "floppy disk" you need to know what the "drive" is that your are saving to. Most computers are made with a 3 ½" floppy disk drive. Many also come with ZIP drives now.     You will need to make sure that the pop-up SAVE AS window is “opened” to the “drive” and the “directory” on that drive that you want to SAVE your file in. For example: C:\C.P.M.\PATTERNS\W-BOD1.DWG (most main internal hard drives are named C) or A:\W-BOD1.DWG (most floppy drives are named A).

18.5.2.   Make sure that your floppy disk is SELECTed in the Save In: window at the top of the SAVE AS menu window. Click the SAVE button.  Now you are set up for a “failsafe” work session.
18.6. C.P.M. also automatically creates a BACK UP file  each time you SAVE.  This file has the same name as the primary .DWG file except that the tag is .BAK.  This file contains the version of your drawing file as it was the previous time you SAVEd it.

18.4.1. The backup file is saved in the same folder (directory) as your primary drawing file is saved in.  

18.4.2. You will find this feature to be a “life saver” on some occasions.  If your primary drawing has gotten “out of control” (ie. You cannot Undo something that is totally wrong) then you can DELETE your primary drawing file and RENAME