CUSTOM PATTERN MAKER - Chapter V - pg 31
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  you will already be ZOOMed in so a smaller area of the drawing fills the screen.  The viewing proportion will be changed and most likely it will be possible for smaller increments to be displayed.

13.3. At times you may desire to turn the GRID OFF or ON.  In some cases it may be easier to see details with it turned OFF.  SELECT GRID OFF (or GRID ON) from the OPTIONS pop-down menu.

14. SAVE the new drawing as a TEMPLATE.
SELECT SAVE AS (found under the pop-down file menu). Pop down the Save as type list and SELECT Drawing Template File (*.dwt). The Template file will automatically open up, ensuring that you save your new template in the Template folder (directory).  Make sure that you write the name of your template in the File name: window. Be careful to make sure that you use the .dwt suffix as the type of file.

15.  To OPEN and use the Template you have made , pop-down the FILE menu and OPEN the Template file.

15.1.  The OPEN command pops-up the Select File menu window.  Double click on the TEMPLATE folder (directory) to open it. Pop-down the Files of Type: list and SELECT Drawing Template File (*.dwt).   This will cause the .dwt files to display in the window. Double click on the drawing template file to open it. You will see in the top window bar, that C.P.M. has now named this file Drawing.dwg.

16.  Next SAVE the Template as a drawing file in the PATTERN folder.
(See Chapter IV, Section 18 for instructions on SAVEing files.)