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    The Blue Drafting Lines and the Yellow Dimension Lines are turned on and off and can be DELETEd using the fly-out commands found on the OPTIONS pop-down menu under Drafting Lines. CPM  has the ability to draw lines on different "LAYERS";  that is, it thinks of the lines as though they are drawn on overlapping layers of clear plastic or acetate.  C.P.M. allows you to "turn off" the LAYERS of lines so they do not show on the screen if you find them visually distracting.
    In C.P.M. the blue and yellow lines included with the basic block are on LAYERs below the pattern seam lines.   The originating purpose for including these lines is educational.  For students who are learning pattern drafting, seeing the drafting process seemed essential.  Additionally, being able to ZOOM in and check the dimensions of important drafting lines allows one to check up on whether measurements were correctly entered.  Most importantly they provide important reference points for pattern marking and flat pattern manipulation.
    IMPORTANT: if you move your pattern pieces around while the Drafting Lines  are turned OFF, the Drafting Lines will stay where they are.  If you add another basic block to the drawing, the process will automatically turn the Drafting Lines back on. This will lead to a confusing tangle of lines.
    Therefore, when planning your order of work with your pattern, you need to make whatever matching marks or lines that you know you will need for your work process with the Drafting Lines turned on and then go through the process of DELeting the Drafting Lines.

1.1.  Pop-down the MODIFY menu and SELECT the Control Layers  function. The Layers and Line Types pop-up menu window will open. Through this window you can control the layer functions.  Several of the “macro” commands created for C.P.M. automatically change, create and set layer and line type options. These commands are designed so you do not have to worry about layer control.  When you become more expert you may choose to use layers and the ability to lock layers as a tool when you are working with large pattern layouts.  In your normal work process you will probably not be using the Line Types menu. (You will use the CHANGE command to CHANGE your line types after you have generated your patterns.)                

1.2.  The layer function is common to all of the more sophisticated graphics programs. You may already be familiar with their use.  In C.P.M. you can specify which layer is CURRENTly active, turn a layer off so it does not display (layers that are turned off are not effected by editing that is done on the drawing after they are turned off), lock it so it cannot be edited even though you can see it in the drawing, assign a line color to a specific layer, and assign a line type to a layer.

1.3. If you are doing any operation that involves moving the pattern around in any way, and you think you may need the Drafting Lines for reference later, be sure that the Drafting Lines are turned on and that you move everything at the same time.  The easiest