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  way to do this is to SELECT everything with a WINDOW.  (See the BASIC OPERATION INFORMATION chapter regarding the use of WINDOWS

1.4.  To turn the Drafting Lines OFF (or ON) SELECT OPTIONS pop-down menu,  then Drafting Lines  and then from the fly-out menu, DRAFT OFF (or DRAFT ON).

1.5.  To DELETE  the blue and yellow lines Drafting Lines, SELECT DRAFT DELETE from the fly-out menu.  You will see a lot of screen flickering and at the end you will see that all that is left on the screen is the pattern outline, Cyan Margin and the Black Drawing Page Border.

WARNING!  NOTE:  SAVE a copy of each custom pattern basic block with the Drafting Lines turned on in a separate drawing file.  You never know when you may need these for reference in the future.


ECHO ON and ECHO OFF are two commands found on the OPTIONS menu. The ECHO function is a useful aid. When ECHO is ON, the drawing keeps a little X at each vertex point that you create or SELECT during a work session. This allows you to go back to the exact same locations if you need to during later steps in your work session.  When you ERASE lines or objects in a drawing, little marks will be left behind on the screen where the vertexes (end-points) of the lines were.  If you do not need these reference points they can become very distracting.

1.6.1.  To clear these marks off the screen use the REGENerate command on the VIEW pop-down menu.

1.6.2.  Turn ECHO OFF if you know that you do not need this drawing aid while you are working.  The C.P.M. drawing templates are set up with the default setting of ECHO OFF.
The DRAFT DELETE command automatically runs the REDRAW command found on the VIEW pop-down menu, so the screen will end up clean.

1.7.  HOLES LEFT IN THE GRID are caused by ERASEing or MOVEing objects that were on top of specific grid dots.  REGENerate will cause them to reappear.