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          3.1.4. PLINE includes a string of function variations.   When you SELECT the PLINE command you will see these options appear in the command line at the bottom of the screen after you SELECT the starting point:
Current line_width is 0'_0"
Arc/Close/Halfwidth/Length/Undo/Width/<Endpoint of line>:
The following will look at these a bit out of order as they appear in the string, choosing to look at them in order of their importance to your work process. Line-width  is the first thing you notice here.  By default CPM draws lines of 0" width. If you want to, you can specify a width for your lines by TYPEing W(idth) and then TYPEing the Starting width and ENTER and then the the Ending width and ENTER. Once you have specified a width all new lines you make will be that width until you specify a different one. The active line width  information is stored with the drawing database. This means that whatever line width you have specified when you SAVE and EXIT the drawing will be in effect the next time you OPEN the drawing.
    Since you can specify a starting width and an ending width for a line this means that you can draw segments that change their width between their starting point and their ending point.
    Keep in mind the style of units you are working in when you type the number in.  For instance, if you are working in the Template default of Fractional units, you will need to type a fraction width in relation to an inch. You need to tell the computer 0 inch and then the fraction. (Example:0-1/2)  If you type in just a number the computer will think you mean inches.  The default for the string is <Endpoint of line> .  This means that you can continuously SELECT the endpoint of new line segment until you CLICK the ENTER button.  The option U(ndo)  allows you to TYPE U and CLICK ENTER to undo the line segment you have just drawn. Since U(ndo) will repeat, you can undo a whole sequence of line segments if you need to. The L(ength) option  allows you to TYPE L and CLICK ENTER and then type a number in that is the length you want the next line segment to be and CLICK ENTER.  The computer will then appear to extend the line you are currently drawing by that length.  It will extend in the direction that you previous line was traveling.
    If you type a number in (without specifically engaging the L(ength ) function) after you have SELECTED a Start point of a segment and you move your cursor in the direction you want the next segment to go, computer will draw a straight line that specific length in that direction. If you don’t specify a direction by moving the cursor, the direction it will drawing in is unpredictable.  The C(lose) option  allows you to TYPE C and CLICK ENTER to