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          3.2.3.  Now point where you want the line to begin with the CROSS-HAIRS.  
    After you have SELECTed a first point, as you move the cursor to the menu on the screen, you will see a white "ghost"line stretch from the CROSS-HAIRS to the point you have chosen as the beginning of your line.  The purpose of this line is to aid you in visualizing where the line will form when you select the next point.  No fixed line will be established until you click the SELECT button while the CROSS-HAIRS appear on the drawing screen.  
    (If you click the ENTER button you will end the command.  If you have not yet established the start and the end of the first line segment, no line will form.  You will be left with a dot on the screen where you selected your first (and/or last) point.)

    Once you have the CROSS-HAIRS in position, CLICK the SELECT button.  The computer will then say:
            Current line-width is 0.0000
    Arc/Close/Half width/Length/Under/<End point of line>:

3.2.4.  Again SELECT to appropriate SNAPTO command and then point with the CROSS-HAIRS to where you want the line to end and click the SELECT button.  The computer will now say:
    Arc/Close/Half width/Length/Under/<End point of line>:
3.2.5.  CLICK the ENTER button to end the command.
(The computer will repeat this "string command" prompt after each time you push the SELECT button to SELECT a point until you click the ENTER button (or type ENTER) to end the command.)  

3.2.6.  Repeat the process for as many "connecting" lines as needed.