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4.  USE THE TRIM COMMAND  to remove the unwanted sections of seam allowance.

    41.  SELECT TRIM from the MODIFY pop-down menu. The computer will say:
 Select cutting edge(s)...
  Select object:
Use the cursor PICK BOX to SELECT the "connecting" lines you have drawn on the pattern as the "CUTTING EDGEs".  Place the PICK BOX on each line and click SELECT.)  The line will turned "dotted" if the computer has registered it and the computer should say:
    1 selected, 1 found
        Select object:
If the line does not turn "dotted" the computer should say:
        1 selected, 0 found
        Select object:
When you have finished SELECTING the CUTTING EDGES click the ENTER button.

NOTE:  You will find it easier to SELECT "CUTTING EDGE" lines if you are ZOOMed in for a closer view.  For instance, if you are working on a bodice, make the ZOOM WINDOW around the top part of the bodice, including all of the shoulder and neckline through just under the bottom of the armhole.  After dealing with this part of the pattern, change the view to include the lower part of the armhole and allow of the waist seam either by using PAN or ZOOM.

4.2.  The computer will now say:
  Select object to trim:
Use the cursor PICK BOX to SELECT the seam allowance line that you want to remove and click the SELECT button on the cursor device.  You will see that line disappear from