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              You will see the pattern image flicker slightly and the computer will go back to saying:
                Command:  SELECT EXTEND on the MODIFY pop-down menu.  The computer will say:
                Select object:
SELECT the seam allowance lines and then CLICK ENTER to end the SELECTing.  The computer will say:
                Select objects to extend:
SELECT each seam line near the end that you want to EXTEND to touch the seam allowance.  You will see each line jump to touching the seam allowance line.  CLICK ENTER to end the command. Place the NOTCHes using the SNAPTO SUB-COMMAND INTERS(ECTION).  Then TRIM away the EXTENDED lines.  (Do this ZOOMed in fairly close.)


6.1.  A good deal of the time a pattern maker will "eye-ball" placement of markings because their position is referenced by specific anatomical shape positions of the pattern.  (For instance, the break point of the armhole.)  You are already working with a pattern which is sized to the specific performer.  As long as you do nothing during your pattern manipulation that changes the length of the seam lines that fit directly to the body, "eye-balling" usually works quite well.

6.2.  USING THE GRID  for reference where more specific distances are needed is often sufficient.  If you have created the pattern block with a 1/2" GRID, as is suggested in the directions for making pattern blocks, you may need smaller increments for reference.  It is easy to change the GRID increment spacing.

SELECT GRID# under the OPTIONS pop-down menu and the computer will say:
        Grid spacing(X) or ON/OFF/Snap/Aspect <0.0000>:

6.2.1.  Type 1/4 or 1/8 (or .25 or .125) and ENTER.  You will see the smaller GRID appear on the screen.
         (You may see the computer say:
            Grid too small for display
Usually, if you have the screen ZOOMed in on a bodice piece or sleeve, the scale of the image on the screen will allow 1/8" GRID marks to show.  If the scale of the image you are working with is to small for display you will need to choose a GRID increment that is acceptable to the computer screen.)

NOTE: If you find the GRID visually distracting, you can turn it OFF (or ON) by SELECTing OFF (or ON) under GRID under the OPTIONS pop-down menu.