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  letters and therefore it can REGENerate and PLOT faster.  SELECT your text font style before you start to type text into the drawing.

7.1.1.  SELECT TEXT STYLE from the TEXT fly-out menu.  You will see a fly-out menu that menu gives you three styles to choose from = COMPLEX, SIMPLEX and ITALIC.

7.1.2. SELECT SIMPLEX.  The computer will say:
  simplex is now the current style
  regenerating drawing
The screen will go blink..

7.2.  SELECT DTEXT from the TEXT fly-out menu under the DRAW pop-down menu.

7.2.1.  The computer will say:
                dtext  Justify/Style/<Start Point>:
Move the CROSS-HAIRS to where you want the text to start.

7.2.2.  The computer will then say:
  Height<0'-0 1/8">:
(or some other number).  The number in the < >s is the current setting for the height of the letters.  If you want them to be a different size, TYPE the number in and then ENTER.  If the number is the size you want, ENTER to accept the default number

        The computer will then say:
    Rotation angle <0.00>:
You can type the text at any angle on the page you wish to.
    If you set your PREFERENCES to the default so angles are counted from the 3 o'clock position going counter-clock-wise and you want to type a row of words that starts at the bottom and goes up, with the bottom of the letters toward the right, you need to TYPE 90 degrees and ENTER.  0.00 degrees will produce normal horizontal LEFT to RIGHT. You can  align the text manually at any angle before you start typing it.  "Drag" the CROSS-HAIRS away from the "starting point" you have SELECTed.  You will see a "ghost line" stretching between the CROSS HAIR intersection and the "start point".   You can "drag" the "ghost line" in a 360 degree circle around the "start point".  When you CLICK the SELECT button, the angle the "ghost line" is at establishes the angle at which the line will be TYPEd.

7.2.4.  TYPING TEXT     
        The computer will now say:
and a traditional text “I-bar” will appear on the screen indicating the position and size of the first letter.