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8.1.2.  The computer will say:
Verify each name to be purged? <Y>
If you want to be extra cautious, CLICK ENTER.  The computer will then list, item by item, the names of the unused entities in the drawing data base and ask if you want to PURGE it. If you are fearless, TYPE N for NO and ENTER.  The computer will go ahead and DELETE what ever it finds in the data base that is unused in the drawing.

    8.1.3.   If it finds nothing in a category it will say:
    No unreferenced linetypes found. (or whatever the specific entity type it has just checked.)
If this is a long list, you can see it by TYPEing the F2 key and bringing up the command dialogue text window. You can close the command dialogue text window by clicking the little X box in the upper right corner of the window or by TYPEing the F2 key again.

8.2. Once you have done this, you need to make sure the pattern file has been named and SAVEd as a unique file.  Make a note of where it is and what it is in your pattern tracking book or data base.

8.3.  If you  are ending your work session SELECT EXIT and CPM will shut down.

8.4.  If you want to next start a new pattern without open a new drawing page, you need to clear all of the drawing off the current drawing page.

8.3.1.  First, ZOOM ALL.

8.3.2.  Next, make sure the DRAFTING LIENS are ON.

8.3.3.  Last, SELECT DEL-DRW from the VIEW pop-down menu.  The drawing will all disappear.

8.5.  Once the screen is cleared of the old drawing SAVE the drawing page to a new pattern file name for your new pattern. Then you are ready to begin a new pattern.