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  can make lines that change direction a any point.  End the command after you have  SELECTed the end point of the line by clicking the ENTER button on the cursor device.

4.2. The PLINE command is already engaged when you pick it from the PLINE fly-out menu,  so you can move directly to choosing the desired SNAPTO sub-command. Pop up the SNAPTO menu using SHIFT/ RIGHT-CLICK.  Then CLICK your cursor on SNAPTO function you want to use. You will see the command prompt change to:
Select first point: near to: (or = end of, perpendicular to, middle of, intersection of, etc.)


    The SNAPTO sub-commands allow you to SELECT commands that assure "bit dot" accuracy in the placement of your line "VERTEX" points.  Use the SNAPTO sub-functions to ensure that the slash line begins at a mechanically specific point on the seam line.  It is crucial that you establish mechanically accurate points as you create the slashes.  When you join the slashed pieces back together to create the completed new pattern piece, the joining must be "bit point" mechanically accurate.

NOTE:  The OFFSET function, which creates seam allowances, will not work correctly unless all the new seam lines join with mechanical, computer "bit-point" accuracy and are JOINed using the command PEDIT into a CLOSED polyline.  It is not possible to achieve this kind of accuracy by "eye-balling" placement.
4.2.3.   Before SELECTing your point on the screen,  SELECT NEAR(EST) E(ND OF), INTERS(ECTION), MID(POINT) or PERP(ENDICULAR) as is appropriate and then point where you want the line to begin with the CROSS-HAIRS and then click SELECT.   
  The computer will find the exact VERTEX the SNAPTO sub-command specifies without the CROSS-HAIRS being exactly close to where the point is.  As long as the VERTEX (point) is enclosed somewhere inside the "box" around the CROSS-HAIRS, the computer will find the point.  You will see a box around the intersection of the CROSS-HAIRS.  This indicates that the SNAPTO sub-command has been engaged.  As long as the place where you want your drawing point to be is within that box, the computer will find the exact point you have indicated that you want with the SNAPTO sub-command.  (For instance, if you have SELECTed END (of) the computer will find the exact point that is the closest end of a line.) CLICK SELECT to establish the beginning of the line.   If you wish to center the beginning of a slash on a seam line, SELECT the SNAPTO sub-command MID(POINT).