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          If you are using DIAMONDs as matching marks, the first set will only mark one side of the matching seams.  You need to make COPYs of all the DIAMONDs for the other matching seam.   SELECT COPY under the EDIT MENU (under the MAIN SEW MENU).  The computer will now say:
        Select object:

6.2.1.  Use the cursor "pick box" to SELECT each DIAMOND in sequence.  Make sure you have the "pick box" positioned on the edge of the notch.  The computer only sees it by its outline.  As the computer registers each notch you have SELECTed you will see the notch turn "dotted".  If it doesn't turn dotted, the computer has not registered the SELECTion and you need to repeat the action until it does.  The command prompt will now say:
            Select object:(#) selected, (#) found
            Select object:
(Example: 1 selected, 1 found or 1 selected, 0 found or 1 selected, 1 duplicate.)  (This "prompt" is intended to help you know if the computer has processed "finding" all the drawing(s) you have chosen or if you are repeating your choices, a useful trait when dealing with complex drawings.

6.2.2.  After you have registered all the notches click the ENTER button to end the SELECTion.  The computer will now say:
            <base point or displacement>/ Multiple:

6.2.3.  It is very important that you do not move the cursor device while you are SELECTing the BASE POINT or after you have selected it because the second set of DIAMONDs needs to be exactly in the same place as the first set. Point the cursor device any where on the screen and click the SELECT  button.  The computer will now say:
            Second point of displacement:

6.2.4.  CLICK the SELECT button with out causing the cursor to move.  You should see a flutter on the screen and the DIAMONDS should loose their "dotted" appearance.

6.2.5.  It is important to remember that you now have two DIAMONDs, one on top of the other.  You will need to SELECT them with the cursor "pick box" when you MOVE or ROTATE the pattern piece.  (When you  SELECT with a W(INDOW) the computer will SELECT all layers "on the screen" that area inside of it.  The cursor "pick box" SELECTs only the top layer.)  The line of the other pattern piece (that you do not move) and the 2nd set of notches will seem to disappear from the screen after a move.


    If you have made a "slash" along a dart for the purpose of moving dart positions or turning darts into seams, you need to ROTATE the dart edges together to establish matching points.