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      16.3.  It is a simple matter to TRIM  tails away.

16.4.  You may only be able to discover overlapping lines by using PEDIT - Edit Vertex on both sides of the suspicious area to see if the vertex X moves to indicate overlapping.  Some times it will appear as though the vertex point if "frozen" in place.  The easiest way to solve this problem is with "surgery".   Overlapping lines occur most often in areas where you have PLINEd an ARC to a straight line.  Sometimes you will be able to simply TRIM away a section where the curve line doubles back over the straight line.  Sometimes the lines will be literally one on top of the other.

16.4.1.  The best way to deal with the cases where one line end is literally over the other is to perform "surgery".  Begin by PLINEING a bracket shaped line that "cuts" across the line on each side of the "suspicious" area.

16.4.2.  TRIM out the suspicious area.  Use REGEN to check for lines that may have been over lapped.

16.4.3. ERASE the "bracket" TRIMming lines.

16.4.4.  PLINE from the E(ND OF) the line on one side of the gap to the E(ND OF) the other line.

16.5.  Once you've found and mended all the errors, repeat PEDIT - J(OIN).


    If you are going to CHANGE the color of pattern lines or change them to dashed or dotted, etc.,  it is more effective do it before you start to make facings or put seam allowances around the patterns.  When you COPY or OFFSET the new lines appear in the same form as the original seam lines.

17.1.  To change the color of an already existing line: SELECT CHANGE under the EDIT MENU.  The CHANGE MENU will automatically appear.  You will see from the command prompt that the command is already engaged. The computer will say:
        Select object(s):

17.2.  SELECT all the lines you want to change to the same color.  You will see them turned "dotted".  Click ENTER to end the selection.  The computer will now say:
        Properties/<Change point>:

17.3.  SELECT PROPERTY on the MENU.  The computer will now say:
        Change what property (Color/LAyer/Type/Thickness)?

17.4.  SELECT COLOR on the MENU.  You will see a sub-menu of COLOR appear.