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      18.3.  If you only need one copy, position the CROSS-HAIRS where you want to make a "handle" point (BASE POINT) on the pattern piece (the upper right or left hand corners of patterns allow the cross-hairs to act as a framing reference) and click the SELECT button. This becomes the handle by which you will move the pattern copies to a new position on the screen.  The cross-hairs will now remain fixed in that position on the pattern piece and the pattern piece will follow the movement of the cross-hairs.   The computer will then ask:
  Second point of displacement:

18.4.  Choose the placement on the screen for the copy by moving the cross-hairs to the desired location on the screen and clicking SELECT.  You will see a "ghost" outline of the pattern follow the cross-hairs and form when you stop moving the cross hairs.  This allows you to see if the pattern piece in position on the screen before you finalize placement.  You can continue to move the piece about until you click the SELECT (left) button.
    After you have clicked SELECT you will see the new copy change to solid lines on the screen.

18.5.  If you need to make more than one copy type M(ULTIPLE) and ENTER.  Then the computer will say:
        Base point or displacement:
SELECT the base point (handle point) and then move the CROSS-HAIRS to your chosen locations and click SELECT for each copy.  Click ENTER to end making COPYs.