Custom Pattern
Maker Demo

Each Basic Block has a display screen that shows the mechanical drafting system.
All the action in the process is in the Command Lines at the bottom of the drawing screen .

The computer asks for measurements to be input in sequence.

  • The measurements can be input as inches and fractions or as inches with decimals.
  • These formats may be mixed during the gerneration of a single block.
  • Included with each meaurment name is the corresponding letters on the display screen.

The 1sexbod is based on a 1973 Butterick size 10 Fit Pattern. The measurements that appear in brackets < > are the "default" meaurements.

  • If you type the ENTER (return) key the computer will record the default measurement.
  • If you type in a different measurement and type ENTER , the computer will record the new meaurement.
  • This demo uses the default measurements.

Center Front Bodice Length (ab)