Custom Pattern Maker's special pattern drafting "macros" are written in LISP.

When the development of CPM began in 1985 the programming language used in AutoCAD® was LISP. At that time LISP was considered to be an easy to learn and powerful programming language.

The pattern drafting functions, special arch functions "xarc" and "harc", and the custom SEW MENU are written in LISP by programmer Jim Pickrell and Stephanie Schoelzel. Jim brilliantly developed arcing functions that created the needed parabolic eclipses common to necklines, armholes, crotches, hiplines and hems.

With the edition of AutoCAD® version 13, AutoDESK made the choice to completely rewrite all their code based on new code. This change was essential to AutoCAD®'s ability to continue as a powerful application in the light of new technological advances. However, for CPM , all the code had to be rewritten. This task has finally been accomplished. With version 14, the user interface had to be completely redone also.

Currently CPM will run :

  • As a stand-alone software on Windows 95 & 98.

  • As an AutoCAD® add-on with Windows 95 & 98 and AutoCAD 13 & 14

  • And as an AutoCAD® add-on with:

  • Macintosh AutoCAD® version 12 on pre-Power Macs only

  • Macintosh G3s using VirtualPC software and with AutoCAD® for DOS or Windows versions 10 through 12 Windows3.1. and Windows 95 with AutoCAD® 13 & 14
  • DOS & Windows 3.1 with AutoCAD® for DOS or Windows versions 10 through 12

  • Windows95 with AutoCAD® for DOS version 12


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