Needless to say, for Custom Pattern Maker to do its job correctly it must be "fed" accurate measurements. This is an age old problem, because no "standard" method of measurement taking has ever been adopted by the garment-making world. Traditionally methods of measurement taking have been passed on from master to apprentice, each believing that somehow their method worked more accurately than another's. Additionally, even today, there is no one truly standard of sizing that is adhered to by all garment manufacturers.

However, the nature of digital technology is such that it demands accurate measurements of the individual body based on specific geographic places on the body. To help the C.P.M. user with this task an extremely detailed set of instructions are included in the HELP files under the PATTERN section to take the user step by step through the measurement process for each basic block. AutoCAD® has a command that allows you to print the image on the screen, so a user may print these HELP SCREENS and put them in a notebook.

As a service to all pattern makers, we have included the slides on this site:

Additionally, sample measurement chart sheets are included with the instruction manual. These charts were developed for use in a costume shop and include additional measurements than are not needed by C.P.M. but are commonly used in the costuming process.

Measurement Chart (pdf) | Measurement Chart with Instruction Notes (pdf)

Instructions for Taking Measurements (pdf)


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