>Can I scan in or digitize in a quarter or half scale pattern and magnify it to full scale?

Yes, you can digitize scaled patterns from books into CPM. Just how you do this depends on the specific circumstance. The underlying AutoCAD engine is a powerful tool and as a result there is a variety of options and solutions.

CPM has built into it the ability to "SCALE" objects. This means that you can SELECT the pattern pieces and with the SCALE command under the RESIZE MENU, type in the scale factor and ENTER the command. For example: for 1/2 scale you would scale it to 200% by entering the scale factor 2.

You would only need to do this if you are adding the digitized pattern into a drawing already containing a "full sized" pattern AND you have your digitizer configured for 1/2 scale = 1/2 or 1/4 scale = 1/4. If you configure you digitizer to 1/2 scale = 1 or 1/4 scale = 1, then the pattern will go into the drawing page already in the correct scale.

AutoCAD actually thinks in terms of UNITS. It doesn't really make any difference what you specify as a unit system, it draws, in its mind, a UNIT. The primary purpose for specifying a unit (fractional, metric, etc.) type for the drawing page is to ensure that it will display drawing dimension lines in the numerical format you want to work in.

CPM was developed using the IMPERIAL measurement unit (feet, inches and fractions), so the included drawing page templates (sew1 and sew1a) are set up with feet and inches already specified in the drawing page. The basic automatic drafts, only work correctly when you enter your measurements in terms of feet, inches or fractions of an inch.

The time that it becomes important to tell AutoCAD a specific size of unit is when you are going to plot the drawing out. The part of the software that interprets the "non denominal unit" to a specific UNIT system is the "driver" that talks to the plotter (printer). Most plotter drivers will accept and plot what ever unit system you tell it to use. The unit system specification needs to be "embedded" in the drawing file that your are going to plot. You will also need to specify the same unit system in a "plotter configuration".


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