The ACCESS PRESTO! team has observed that numerous companies have taken a presence on the Web in a timely fashion. However, the sites are not delivering the results anticipated.

In this era of fast development of the Web production industry, many brilliant technologists and graphic artists have formed companies to Web sites. Unfortunately, many of them have relatively little experience at entrepreneurial marketing and, more specifically, the development of online marketing. They do not have in-depth expertise and experience at developing successful online presences. Additionally, they are not experienced in the art of the hypertext literary style.

We at ACCESS PRESTO! understand that often a company has invested a great deal of money in the development of their current nonproductive site. With this in mind, ACCESS PRESTO! has developed a program by which the team will evaluate a site and produce clear guidelines by which the site can be restructured and enhanced to produce the desired results. Interactive options that will attract the desired clientele and generate public notice will be described in detail.

The average charge for this consulting service is $5000. The onsite consultation with key company personnel and several group meetings to ensure consensus usually takes about 4 weeks.

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