The other day we downloaded a list of all the Web browsers known to be currently in use around the globe. It is single-spaced and fills up four pages!

If you read our previous page, you'll know why we designed for Netscape. Just think of all the fun "bells and whistles" that folks using the other browsers are missing! All of the pages for ACCESS PRESTO! have been designed to exploit the graphic layout capabilities of the Netscape Browser, including its ability to select preferred font styles for viewing. To this end, we recommend that you acquire Netscape to use as your browser.

No matter what browser you have chosen, we encourage you to adjust the font sizes for display on your screen. Some browsers will allow you to select the font size according to your viewing preferences and some will not. Look under OPTIONS or PREFERENCES on your browser to discover if yours gives you this ability.

We recommend that you set your fonts to use:

    For Macintosh:
      Proportional - Geneva size 12
      Fixed or monospaced- Monaco size 12
    For Windows:
      Proportional - Arial size 12
      Fixed or monospaced 12 (if you have it), Courier 12 (if you don't have monospaced)
    If your browser allows separate settings for the headers (H1, H2 etc.) set:
      H1 to bold 16
      H2 to bold 14
      H3 to bold 12
      (these are the default font sizes currently built into Netscape)


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