HTML code, the formatting language for the Internet, was originally created as an international standard for communications between people at laboratories and universities working on joint research projects. HTML was not designed to handle graphics and multimedia. Graphic Web browsers have created a whole new world of possible uses, with commercial applications leading the pack. This means, however, that HTML is being pushed beyond what it was designed to do.

Over the past few years efforts have been made by the dominent browser developers to create browsers that can accommodate the level of quality that viewers expect of the traditional arts. However, clients are still often frustrated by the current technical restrictions of HTML code and "download" time.

To this end, we at ACCESS PRESTO! have chosen to design our pages to be viewed by Netscape browsers. This means other browsers may not produce the same visual quality. So, if you aren't using Netscape yet, don't wait any longer. You are missing out on many of the delightful "bells and whistles" ACCESS PRESTO! and other Web artists include in their pages. Go ahead and use our link, download it, and install it now!


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