Assorted Examples of Some of the Types of Web Sites That Could Be Created By ACCESS PRESTO!

If you are interested only in a small online brochure that can be inexpensively implemented using "cookie-cutter" templates and/or authoring-tool software with "canned" graphics, we are not the Web production team for you.

Those who want to use digital telecommunication and the Internet as an extension of their business to enhance their growth and desire to have a site that is uniquely designed to serve their specific needs, will want to check out our following examples of some of the types of site implemetations that are possible.

ACCESS PRESTO! only occasionally takes on projects that cost less than $30,000.

Evaluations and recommendations for redesign of pre-exsisting sites costs $5000.

Regional Ticket Agency

This company resells tickets for opera, theatre, concerts, and sporting and special events. The company's goal is to promote its services, reduce communication costs (phone, fax, snail mail), be more responsive to its clients, and increase sales.

    The site includes the following components:
      Description of the special quality of the company's services.

      Forms that allow the company to update current offerings lists and requests for tickets wanted online . These forms are available via password access only.

      Forms that allow the customer to place ticket requests online.

      Extensive lists of hotlinks, arranged by region and type of event, to production schedules for theatre, music, dance, sporting and other special events.


Staff Leasing Service

The web site we have created for Human Resources Inc. is an example of a site that is designed to prequalify a potential customer and facilitate their inquiry for further customization information.

    The site includes the following components:
      An explanation of the advantages of using the company's services with examples of the kinds of companies using the services already.

      Listings of the services provided by the company

      Background on the company

      Background on the president of the company

      List of reference companies

      A letter of recommendation from a client

      A contest for a product that would be useful to potential clients

      Description of the product that is the prize in the contest, including a link that allows the potential client to order the product online if they prefer not to wait and see if they win the contest

      The form for the contest also doubles as a tool for gathering pertinent information about potential clients. The results from this form are both viewable online by password and e-mailed directly to the client

      A hotlink Resource List of Sites of use to companies starting new businesses.

    This site produces an average of 25 serious prequalified inquiries a week from potential clients.

Business Incubation Organization

A Not-for-Profit Regional Business Incubation Organization's Web site has the purpose of attracting potential businesses from around the world to take advantage of the Organization's services and facilities to establish their business presence in the region.

    Home page with a "hook" paragraph and outline of program with link index to nine featured areas:

    img src="images/bluebullet.GIF"> Program Costs Area

      Cost savings page and

      Detailed lists of costs for all services and facilities, with cross-links to specific services and facilities pages.

    Facilities and Offices Area

      Overall facilities descriptions with illustrations

      Office types descriptions with photos and floorplans and cross-links to corresponding Costs Area Pages

    Services Area

      List and description of Standard Services with cross-links to corresponding Costs Area Pages

      List and description of Special Services with cross-links to corresponding Costs Area Pages

      Virtual Office Service with cross-links to corresponding Costs Area Pages and Facilities and Offices Area Pages

    Advisory and Information Program Area

      Description and Listing of Offerings with cross-links to Orientation Program, Training Program and Board of Advisors and Training Faculty

      Orientation program description and curriculum

    Consulting and Training Program Areas

      Description of Consulting and Training Programs available with cross-links to corresponding Costs Area Pages. Cross-links to Board of Advisors Area and Advisory and Information Area.

      Curriculum and Schedule for Eight-Day Training Program Schedule

      Registration form for Eight-Day Training Program with online credit card payment processing.

    People Area

      Description of the people behind the organization with links to pages about the Staff, Board of Advisors and Affiliate Consultants.

      Background pages for each person with links to their affiliate businesses.

    Location Area

      General Location Desription with links to onsite and offsite pages

      Sequence of maps from large area to locations specific within the city

      Listing of transportation access facilities with contact information and links to corresponding sites

      Pertinent Local and National Government organizations with contact information and links to appropriate sites

      Listing and Description of Local Social Facilities with corresponding maps and links to pertinent sites

      Listing and Description of Local Housing Facilities (temporary and long term) with links to pertinent sites

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