Designing for the media of the Web requires a new point of view for graphics design conceptualization, which is quite different from that used for print graphics design.

Even though the Web is, by definition, a graphics media, a careful balance between text and graphics as primary communicators has to be accommodated. Many people choose to view the Web with their browser's graphics display turned off so that pages will load in as quickly as possible. Graphics cannot, a this time in the development of the Web, serve as stand-alone communication entities.

It is important to take into account current Web technology restrictions in order to achieve both fast-response pages and a rich, professional graphics appearance.


Currently the Netscape Browser is designed to display no more than 256 colors on a computer monitor at one time. Actually, this pallet will only display 216 pure, vibrant colors that will look clear in both Windows and Macintosh systems. We at ACCESS PRESTO! pride ourselves in creating designs in which the colors do not appear mottled, spotted or fuzzy unless it is within the design context. In this way, we are able to maintain the high quality color-look standards expected of print presentations.

    Our care in remaining within this restricted pallet also means that we can include a large number of graphic images on a page without the loss of color quality.

    Additionally, our constant attention to this color technical restriction means that our planning for page design and graphic content also accommodates this factor when photographic images are to be included on the page. A corresponding result is that our graphics files are remarkably small while displaying much clearer images than are commonly found on the Web.


We at ACCESS PRESTO! are constantly monitoring the development of public usage patterns and the evolution of design aesthetics for the Internet to make sure that we are accommodating the degree of Web-viewing sophistication found in our potential audiences. We are quick to take advantage of any advances in Web technolgy and the growth of Web-experienced audiences, while being careful not to exceed the current state of users' technological sophistication.


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