Step One - Research and Design

Each project begins with extensive research.

    First, we assess a client's existing programs to determine their needs.

      Meetings with key staff to develop working relationship
      Tour of business facilities to learn of work flow and patterns
      Identification of target clients and business competition
      Identification of critical elements for a successful online presence.
      These typically include:
        business transactions
        computer literacy of client's customers
        requirements for:
          graphic design
          online market surveys
          directory/database access

    Competition's Web presence are thoroughly researched.

    Media is assessed and recommended (current and future)
      Internet, Online Service, or combination).
        A "Center of Information" for clients on the World Wide Web
        Private or share Online Service depending on the needs, application, and budget.

    Opportunities to promote a company's online presence are identified, such as:
      "Online" press releases
      Participation in online activities
      "Guerilla" Web promotion
      Specific reciprocal links
      Search engine listings

    Determination is made as to who will provide text and/or graphic content.

Ultimately, our team works with clients to pull all of these elements together into an integrated online communications and marketing plan.

    Schematic charts are used for planning architecture of Web and online systems
    Stylistic samples are evaluated
    Samples of company forms are evaluated
    Formats and methods for integration with databases discussed

Then, we design a site architecture that can be effectively integrated into their current communications and marketing mix.

Finally, the plan is presented. The plan is accompanied by:

    a detailed price proposal for all the elements to be included in the Web site:
      Text content
      Interactive technology
      Online payment options
      Program development
      Ongoing services
      Hardware and software needed
      Technical staffing needed
      A proposed production time-line

Negotiations are expected regarding inclusion, exclusion, or modification of elements to arrive at a site design that is mutually acceptable.


Step Two - Develop prototype and "put it online"

During this phase of the work, our team creates the material required to implement a client's online presence. Graphic designers and editors work in close collaboration with engineers to develop the electronic sites and put them online.

    A secure online site is established for the exchange of files and information between the ACCESS PRESTO! staff and the client's staff.

    A preproduction Web site is established on ACCESS PRESTO!'s servers to facilitate:
      Viewing of pages as they are developed for critiquing and approval
      Trial of technical elements during the development process

Finally, the Web site is transferred to a public site for a three-month "shake-down" period during which fine-tuning of the site and involved technology is completed.

Step Three - Refresh: Promote and Grow

Online communications and marketing is a dynamic, 24-hour-a-day interaction between our clients and their target audience. Online audiences are loyal to effective, engaging programs.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that their online content is kept current and relevant at all times.
    The range of opportunities to creatively serve online audiences in an ongoing manner is endless. We have identified the appropriate opportunities in Step One.

PRESTO!(sm) Online Services provides monthly maintenance and management services for your electronic presence.

    Maintenance includes:
      24-hour/7-day-a-week site operation
      Online support services
      Regular backup of your information
      Equipment and bandwidth upgrade recommendations

    The management service is specifically designed to promote and grow your "Center of Information." Site management typically includes:
      usage analysis
      marketing research
      direct-response program management
      data maintenance from online surveys
      hot-link monitoring and updating
      addition of new links to your site

We also provide new function programming and ongoing program development to reach your goals.


If you have specific questions
send email to Access Presto! Info
phone 408-730-5525.

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