ACCESS PRESTO! is able to design a full range of telecommunication integration services for clients. Specialties are Web and intranet funtionality.

Our all Macintosh Web systems provide superior security in comparison to other operating systems.

Web sites provide a valuable promotional and business presence on the Internet.

    Potential clients are prequalified by your Web presentation through product and service descriptions and specifications

    Trust in your product and services is fostered by background information on your company or organization and your key personnel

    Resquests by potential clients to be contacted are processed by online forms directly to Customer Services.

    Pricing and product information is kept up to date automatically through integration with company inventory databases.

    Sales are processed, with forms interacting with inventory and sales databases.

    Technical Support is freed from many telephone calls by online information, FAQs, e-mail forms, and scheduled live-chat sessions.

    Carefully crafted keywords and site description codes, combined with registration on all appropriate search engines ensures that the site features prominently when a potential client performs a search.

    Private, password-protected areas are created for intercompany use or private communtications with clients, including message boards and live chat services.

    Creation of additional site features that attract public traffic to the Web site are created

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