PRESTO! brings together a uniquely creative and talented team of engineers, artist/designers, and business people who contribute to its projects.

George Thornally

Entrepreneur who became one of the first Apple computer dealers after creating a multi-million dollar real estate development and investment business by his early 20s. Specialist in telecommunications for corporations since the mid 1980s. Creator and Leader (AFL) of the Americal Online Macintosh Communications Forum (retired). Developer of highly sucessful graduate program in creative studies at Johnston College, University of Redlands. Third generation Californian.

Kent Filmore

Specialist in developing online communications environments./ Started in the mid-1980s designing, building, and operating computer information systems with George Thornally. Since then has also been the Mac information manager for General Electric's GEnie online service. Developed and produced the Computer Forums for America Online. Produced for Apples dWorld. Most recently he has been working with Earthlink.

Olivier Klink

Specialist in telecommunications systems for corporations./ Swiss computer engineer with an American MBA that emphasizes systems efficency analysis and implementation. President of KeyTech Centers, a unique concept for meeting the telecommunications needs of major business centers.

Stephanie Schoelzel

Web Architect / Webmaster / Designer with an MFA in Scenographic Design. Originally trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, Stephanie brings over 20 years of avant garde creative work and teaching experience as a designer for theatrical environments and the interactive multimedia environment of the Web. Additionally, she brings to the company entertainment and product promotions marketing expertise.



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